3 Things President Trump Has Done to Totally Transform Healthcare

On March 23, 2010 The Affordable Care Act was written into existence by former President Obama in an attempt to offer the American public access to affordable healthcare. What began as a dream of government supported regulation became a hidden agenda of federally mandated insurance politicking that made its attempt to look like a hero, a massive failure once the truth came out.

Hidden within the legal jargon of 2500 pages, the Affordable Care Act (ie. Obamacare) overnight changed the health insurance industry causing major losses and mass confusion as our government put its hand in the cookie jar and stole from the private sectors massive amounts of existing policies. What most American's don't know to this is day, is that Obamacare not only created mandated, government-regulated, competition but it weaved into its agenda future rights to your records, blood and even your DNA. Now we must look to reformers such a President Trump to stop the undermining of business for government profit and give power back to the American public.

In 2016, President Trump hatched a plan to reform the industry through three simple steps:

  1. He first stopped the hemeraging of taxes imposed on business and individuals not carrying health insurance. He was not able to overrule this tax penalty, but instead made the tax penalty $0 dollars. (A big fat goose egg!)

  2. He then encouraged the private insurance market to offer heavly discounted, health indemnity plans. If you don't know what that means, don't worry. It simply means a type of security against financial loss. In this case, it means issuing a direct payment system where you, the insured controls how and when you spend your healthcare funds allotted.

  3. And number three... (drum roll please).... He instituted a mandate for all doctors, hospital and clinics to PUBLISH THEIR RATES! Begin January 2021 healthcare providers must post their rates for American's to shop their own prices for care. Trump is helping Americans to reform their own healthcare by taking personally responsibility for how they use and manage their own health.

Unfortunately this is not currently being shared with the American public who would like to control their own policies and shop for the best pricing possible. Of course a majority of the medical industry doesn't want people to know this option is available. Why? Because if you found out that they have been grossly overcharging the American public you would not stand for what abuse has been taken place. Now that you know, it's time for justice. To learn more about Consumer Based Healthcare visit:

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